There is a hilarious amount of work that still needs doing here, but this is probably the easiest way to share the current state of characters, putting them where we can see them.

Welcome to Ravenloft!

Ravenloft is an old setting for D&D, focusing on gothic horror. It will honestly not be that different in tone from some of our different games, but it has some interesting differences.

We have the grey morality of our usual forays, but also some objective good and bad. The complication of Ravenloft is that the realm is somehow cut off from those sources of good.
Clerics and Paladins of light function here, it isn’t that their gifts or being are restrained, but that their patron no longer speaks to them.

There will be things that you cannot face in a straight confrontation, but you have a much higher level of competency and power than a Cthulhu investigator. You will need to work out how to approach problems, and there are things in here that are stronger than you, but you do have a robust set of tools and considerable personal strength.

It is a crapsack world, but it is within your power if you can pull it off to improve the lot of the people, but it will take time and sacrifice and compromise. Can you do it without becoming the thing you set out against?

Well lets find out.

Dark Narthex

Quorg sybronhughes