The town of Träumndorf sits to the north of Barovia.

Population: 2000
The town has 4 noble houses, though Burgomaster Grigore officiates town meetings.
The peace is kept by 17 guardsmen, and there are 3 advocates to assist with legal matters.
For those more concerned about their soul, there are 12 clergymen and 2 priests.

The town sits in a valley on the northern foot of Mount Baratak, on the banks of a river that feeds into Lake Krezk. There is a small patch of viable farmland to the town’s east, but it is otherwise surrounded by swampland.

The townsfolk have many stories of will-o-wisps leading people into bogs, and darker tales of the things that wait there. The people are superstitious and slow to trust, the result of hard worn lessons.

It’s dirt streets are often a silty mud, leaching water from the swamps. Houses stand alone from each other, with brick walls covered in plaster to keep warmth, and damp thatched roofs. The noble districts are paved with a rough gravel. Short, thick walls protect the town by land, but the lights of the swamp over the river are always there.
The river provides far more fish than the farms vegetables. Red meat is a rarity the townsfolk can rarely afford. While they are not underfed, many suffer from malnutrition.


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